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Summer is often a good season for our skin and hair, with the dry spell of the cooler months far behind us and a naturally glowing complexion thanks to the sunshine. The warmer weather helps us to opt for light to no makeup and to embrace our natural hair texture, however this carefree attitude can sometimes leave us neglecting our regular routines, especially on holiday, which can leave skin and hair vulnerable to damage without the proper protection.

Summer habits such as swimming in the sea or the pool for example, along with the increased sun exposure, can contribute to issues such as colour fade and frizz and can be a nightmare for those who suffer from oily skin.

To combat the issues that summer can throw our way, we’ve put together a handy guide to preventing and managing some of the biggest bugbears of the season with tips from industry experts and our in-house hair and makeup team.


We’ve all experienced the frizz and fluff of so-called humidity hair, caused by moisture in the air penetrating the cuticles of porous hair. Although using products designed to reduce frizz can be helpful, the real secret to frizz-free hair is keeping it in good condition. “Healthy hair that has the right balance of protein and moisture will prevent too much additional moisture being absorbed and so keep frizz at bay.” Ashleigh advises. A good choice for restoring hair condition is our Power Build range by Organic Colour Systems, specifically designed with a high protein content.

General Protection:

Whilst on holiday it is worth remembering that when your hair is wet, your cuticles naturally open and so your hair is more susceptible to damage. Again, using protein-rich shampoos and treatments such as the Power Build range can help strengthen your hair and get it in good condition in preparation.

For all-round protection Ashleigh recommends the Protect range from Organic Colour Systems, made with natural sunflower seed extract which protects against UV rays. “The Protect Leave In Conditioner Spray is perfect for going on holiday as it helps to protect against damage and colour fade from the sun as well as from chlorine in swimming pools.”

Colour Fade:

Overexposure to the sun can lighten and fade your hair colour quicker than usual, which can be especially frustrating if you’ve had your hair done specifically for holiday. In addition to getting your hair in good condition and using a protective spray, we recommend keeping your hair out of the water as much as possible when in the sea and in the pool as both sea salt and chlorine can alter the hair colour. Wearing a hat whenever you’re in direct sunlight will also help to protect both your scalp and your colour.

Our Senior Stylist Ashleigh also recommends using sulphate-free shampoo. “Washing your hair less often where possible will help to make your colour last longer. When you do wash it, I would make sure you are using a high quality sulphate free shampoo. The sulphates strip the colour from your hair faster and and so I’d opt for a shampoo like our Glasshouse Hair, Hand & Body Wash which is free from sulphates and also contains natural wheat protein to strengthen your hair and improve colour retention.”

Oily Skin:

As temperatures and humidity levels get higher in the summer, the sebaceous glands in our skin are encouraged to produce more sebum, leading to the excess oiliness and shine we’re so familiar with in summer. Our natural reaction may be to cleanse our skin more, but this only strips our skin of its natural moisture and sends the sebaceous glands into overdrive. Our in-house makeup artist Emily tells us more: “You might think to use a harsh cleanser for oily skin in the hopes to banish all shine, but switch rather to a gentle oil based cleanser (such as the Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt) as this will help to regulate and reduce oil production over time.”

To keep oiliness at bay Emily recommends swapping some of your makeup for more summer appropriate textures. “You can try using more lightweight products on the skin, so as not to overload it. For your complexion, try to avoid dewy & heavy foundations. You want a foundation that sits somewhere in the middle to ensure you skin looks fresh without looking greasy. My final tip is to invest in a translucent powder and lightly set your makeup in the T-zone area by patting in the powder with a small fluffy brush.”

Sun Protection:

Even if you’re not planning on sunning yourself daily this summer, wearing a good SPF should be high on your priority list to avoid sun damage. Whether the sun is shining or tucked behind a cloud, UVA and UVB rays can still make it through. Thankfully, mineral makeup experts Jane Iredale have created several products that contain SPF, as brand representative Leah explains. “Our multitasking SPF makeup formulas are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective broad spectrum sunscreens. Jane Iredale SPF products combine Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and provide SPF protection against for UVA and UVB rays as soon as they are applied to the skin. Our SPF products are recommended for daily use as we are exposed to UV aggressors all year, whether we are indoors or outdoors, so our multi-use products are a quick and easy way of ensuring that our face and neck are always protected.” For daily protection we recommend using products such as the Glow Time or PurePressed foundations which both contain SPF. If you’d rather go without makeup entirely, the Powder Me SPF is a translucent powder that you can simply top up throughout the day.

For more powerful protection on holiday we recommend finding a sun cream with natural ingredients. One of our favourite discoveries is California based brand Salt + Stone who use natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients.

Whether you’re planning a trip to a sun-soaked destination or staycation in the UK, making sure your skin and hair have the correct protection with these steps will help you to maintain a carefree look risk-free.

Featured image: Agata Wolanska for Glasshouse Journal

Words: Phoebe Grace Ede

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