Step by Step: Purple Smoke

We’re back with another beauty how-to and this time it’s a suitably smouldering burgundy eye - just in time for all those after dark soirées we know you have planned. Created with Jane Iredale and a touch of Ilia, brows are defined and bold (but not over the top) and lips are kept bare - focusing on those all-important aubergine peepers. This is our take on a classic smokey eye and we reckon a dark purple colour is much less harsh than black, creating a look with impact that’s also super easy to wear. Read on below for the method.


For a natural and moisturised complexion we used Liquid Minerals Foundation in Warm Sienna by Jane Iredale, buffed into the skin with the Blending Brush. Liquid Minerals is named after the mineral pigments suspended in serum, which combine together when dispensed from the bottle. We love it because the serum is formulated with rich, moisturising ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, so it’s perfect for hydrating the skin - plus the minerals provide sheer to medium coverage. Instead of blush, we went for So Bronze for light definition on the cheeks, and dusted it on with a Fan Brush which makes sure it’s not too heavy-handed.


A slightly stronger eye works well when framed with bolder brows, so for this look we defined Mia’s eyebrows with the GreatShape brow kit, again by Jane Iredale. Using small strokes, any sparse patches were filled in with powder before combing through the brows with a clean brow brush to create natural-looking definition and to disperse the colour evenly. For added hold, comb through some of the setting wax with upward strokes for fluffy, full-looking brows.


For a smouldering yet soft Glasshouse-style smoky eye, Ilia Beauty’s silken shadow stick in Take Me On was drawn all over the lid and smudged with fingertips. Following the natural shape of Mia’s eyes, the burgundy cream shadow was smudged into the bottom lash-line as well, focusing on the outer two-thirds of her eyes to avoid closing the eye too much. Using a purple-based shade is especially striking on green-toned eyes and is guaranteed to make them pop! Finish the look with a couple of coats of your favourite mascara - we used Jane Iredale’s Longest Lash Mascara in Black Ice. And there you have it! Now all that’s left to do is throw on your party-pants (or dress), give your hair a tousle and sashay on out the door.

Shop the complete look here.

Words and images: Rosie Herdman
Model: Mia Waldern
Makeup: Ashleigh Hornell

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