Introducing: Green Salon Collective

As a sustainable salon, we are always looking at new ways to operate as responsibly as possible. It’s been great to witness the hairdressing industry evolve over the years, incorporating new methods, services and technology that reduce waste and positively impact the environment. Which is why we were excited when we saw Green Salon Collective recently launch in the UK and even more excited to become an official partner salon this year.

Green Salon Collective provides a circular solution for hard-to-recycle salon waste. Their unique recycling program ensures every piece of salon waste is recycled, recovered or composted. We separate our waste into three categories, each collected by Green Salon Collective who manage the safe and effective recycling of it through their specialist facilities. This is a unique service, and one that is brand new and much-needed in the salon industry, enabling salons across the country to operate more sustainably.

From this week, we will introduce £1 ‘green fee’ on your bill as a contribution to this unique service. Green Salon Collective donate 100% of the profits raised from their recycling to Haircuts 4 Homeless and FareShare. We are so pleased to be working with such a groundbreaking business and we appreciate your support as we introduce it in the salon. You can find out a little more below about where each category of salon waste will be going:


  • Green Salon Collective utilises hair waste by repurposing it into hair booms, hair mats and compost.
  • A hair boom is hair cuttings of any length or colour tightly packed into cotton or nylon tubes. These are used in water or on the shores of beaches to stop oil spreading, saving wildlife and protecting natural habitats.
  • Hair mats are used in a similar way to booms, either on land or in parks or gardens. They can be used to absorb oil or water and are used by plumbers and mechanics.
  • Any hair that doesn’t make it to a boom or mat is sent to local farmers or gardeners. Due to its high protein content, hair makes an effective fertiliser to help grow plants and vegetables.


  • According to a study at Southampton University, 99% of salon foil ends up in landfill. With Green Salon Collective, 100% of our foil will be recycled by a specialist facility.
  • Although metal is a recyclable material, salon foils have traditionally been impossible to recycle due to the fact they have been contaminated with colour.
  • Green Salon Collective accepts all foil, as well as metal bottles and tubes, managing the safe recycling of all of it.


  • At Glasshouse Salon, we use a gentle, natural-based colour with the lowest percentage of chemicals possible. However, any colour can compromise the natural environment when disposed of down the sink or into landfill.
  • Green Salon Collective collects all of our colour waste and uses it to generate electricity for the UK National Grid.
  • This means colour waste isn’t polluting our soil and water, instead being used as a renewable energy source.

In the space of 6 months, Green Salon Collective have helped keep 400 kilograms of hair, 2.3 tonnes of foil and 230 litres of colour waste away from landfill - utilising every item of salon waste to benefit our industry, community and environment. Look out for more information about Green Salon Collective around the salon and chat to your stylist if you want to find out more!

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