Hair Trends: Warm Tones

At Glasshouse, it’s no secret we have an enduring love for icy blondes and they’re one of our specialties in the salon. However, it could be something to do with the warm weather but recently we (along with a lot of our clients) seem to be attracted to all things honeyed and golden - in other words, warm tones.

Never brassy, only subtly illuminating, when done properly warm toned colours are about as flattering as you can get. Shades like rose gold, peach and a new hybrid nicknamed ‘blorange’ (short for blood orange) are increasingly popular, along with more natural honey blondes, golden brunettes and coppers.

It could be something to do with the upkeep, but we’re seeing a bit of a shift from cool-toned blues and greys to the warmer side of the colour wheel, according to Glasshouse senior stylist Ashleigh. She says “If you’re wanting a more low maintenance colour, a warmer tone could be the way to go as it doesn’t grow out harshly and blends well with the naturally warm undertones that are already in most people’s hair.”

If you’re looking for inspiration, 60s icons and perpetual Glasshouse muses Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin knew their way around a warm-toned hue. Look to Birkin’s locks for the perfect natural balayage, and Bardot’s for that elusive radiant blonde - never too white or too yellow.

Brigitte Bardot | Jane Birkin
Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin

For a more modern muse, blondes can get inspiration from model Julia Stegner and her beautiful golden shade, brunettes to Parisian gal-about-town Caroline de Maigret (what is it about the French?!).

When done subtly, warm tones might just be the hair equivalent to no-makeup-makeup - there’s something there, but it enhances what you already have rather than being obviously artificial. The great thing is there’s also lot of scope to amp things up and have fun with it - try a custom-mixed rose gold or peach semi-permanent colour for summer, or to brighten dull winter hair. In the salon we often mix pots of take-home colour for clients using the Organic Colour Systems No Limits range mixed with the Power Build treatment, so the hair is being repaired at the same time - win win.

To achieve a naturally warm-toned and very subtle colour, Ashleigh says she and the other Glasshouse stylists will often use a product called high lift instead of lightener on the hair. “High lift is technically a tint, and while it does lighten the hair slightly, it only processes and lifts the shade of the hair a certain amount, leaving more of a golden undertone.” She says, “However lightener will continue processing and get rid of more of the undertones. High lift looks a lot softer and more subtle rather than a raw clean blonde, and a major bonus is it doesn’t damage the hair at all!” It’s also a great option if you’ve not had a colour done before, and just want a little enhancement and dimension added. High lift lightens beautifully in the sun, so if you get it done at the start of summer it will just keep getting better.

Peachy rose gold for a Glasshouse client using No Limits
Peachy rose gold for a Glasshouse client using No Limits

Beauty trends seem to be following suit, with orange and pink featuring heavily as the shades of the moment for eye makeup, and products like RMS Beauty’s rose gold highlighter the Master Mixer still flying off the shelves. When it comes to something suiting nearly everyone, the same rings true for warm-toned makeup - golds and coppers, pinks, peaches and reds can be much easier to wear day-to-day than frosty blues and silvery shades.

So whether you’re a colour novice or salon regular, if you’re looking for an update for summer that is flattering, easy to wear and good for your hair, it could be time to try out a warm tone. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Words: Rosie Herdman

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