Hair Story: Bertie Brandes

We’re no stranger to writer and magazine-maker Bertie Brandes - we chatted to her before about her zine, The Mushpit and some other very important issues along the lines of Tom Hiddleston and topless male centrefolds…

Anyway, this time we’re more interested in her hair. Bertie has a love/hate relationship with her full head of curls so we thought we’d delve a little deeper into the ups and downs of her hair story. From bleaching to burnt scalps, it’s over to Bertie and her curl commandments.

On mullets + muses:

I cut myself an indie mullet when I was 15 and then bleached a stripe of yellow in to the side. I cringed about it for ages but actually it was very Saint Laurent in hindsight.

When it comes to ultimate hair muses, I am definitely not mad at Winona Ryder in Stranger Things. I’m into dirty hair and middle partings so maybe… Alan Rickman? Also, Kate Bush always.

On her routine and can’t-live-withouts:

I have such a specific routine (curly hair girls you know where I’m coming from). I use a hair oil and a curl enhancer and then I twist my hair into about 6 or 8 sections and diffuse it so it goes in to even ringlets. Then I desperately try and fail to blow dry my Sienna Miller fringe to look normal. I ALWAYS wear my hair down and in the same style. I’m a down hair girl! It really annoys my mum.

There’s not really any styles I’d love to try - I don’t really suit a ‘do. I’d love a Stevie Nicks fringe but I think my hair’s a bit too curly to carry it off.

My three desert island tools or products would have to be a hairdryer to sort my fringe out, curl definer and one of those twisty plastic hair tie things to keep it curly when I sleep. Also please can I have a cap to cover my burning scalp on the desert island?

On hair nightmares + hair dreams:

If my personality was a haircut it would be: bald.

Failsafe hair tip for curly hair people: sleep with your hair bang on top of your head in a loose bun, preferably with one of the twisty grips instead of a normal hairband which will leave a kink. Truly life changing discovery. Also shower with a shower cap on! Keeps your frizz at bay.

My nightmare hair would be dead straight. It would look crap on me. Or like, twisty alien buns. Plaits? I don’t know, I really don’t suit hair styles - I’m very particular about my wayward curls.

Amazing hair makes me feel young, fresh and new! It took me so long to embrace my curls and learn how to treat them with care, they are a constant joy to me now <3

My favourite hair era is War and Peace! Actually, if I could have any ‘do, it would be that.

Thanks Bertie!

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