Astrology with Daliah: Capricorn

As we slowly adjust to a new year and a new decade, we rejoin (a little later than usual) our resident astrologer, Daliah Roth. She takes us through one of the Zodiac’s most ambitious and often serious signs, the responsibly-minded Capricorn. We find out more about this patient and loyal sign.

December 22nd - January 20th

Atypically for well-organised Capricorn (my Mars is dignified in this sign), I am late with this month’s article. On 22nd December, a day after winter solstice, the Sun transited into this Earth sign. With the beginning of Capricorn, we see the days grow longer, until the summer solstice on 21st June, when the days get shorter again. It’s the perfect sign to explore now, as we currently have no less than five celestial points in Capricorn: the transiting Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, the North Node and Asteroid Pholus. Consequently, even if you were not born in this month, it is a Capricorn-potent time, mirroring the themes, characteristics and archetypes discussed in this article, which we will experience in our personal lives, in the lives of others or in the collective in general.

Unlike Aries – the ram that tends to do before it thinks, and which constantly misses a step and trips on the rocky ground – Capricorn is the mountain goat that takes deliberate, slow steps to get to the top. This sign, especially as the Ascendant, has a cool demeanour and more serious disposition, keeping close control over its feelings and range of expressions. There is a deep awareness of the father and father figures, which expresses itself as a conservatism in many areas of life: a need to comply with authorities, and a desire to observe and uphold tradition. The belief that discipline is character-building, along with a strongly dutiful attitude towards handling its responsibilities and obligations, makes Capricorn act authoritatively. Carefully observing etiquette and protocol, it places great importance on its public persona and reputation. Whereas Cancer, its opposite sign, is more concerned with the family unit or tribe, Cappy is involved with society as a whole – built on a mix of diverse peoples and ethnic groups.

Similar to Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn is at home in the material world, but is much more enterprising than the two other Earth signs. Highly ambitious, and with an uber-realistic, practical approach, it does not seek money for itself or for financial safety (a distinct Taurean trait), but the power and prestige that comes with this. This is a hard-working, strategising sign that wants, and can achieve, great success. If needed, Capricorn can move mountains. Its motivation is being in it for the long haul, and it will forgo instant gratification for the fruits of its labours in years, even decades, to come. It needs to establish something of lasting value to society – something it can look back on and proudly claim: “This is what I have built!”. Less independently inclined than Virgo, Capricorn depends on the involvement of others to realise its goals and, hence, can sometimes seem calculating and cunning. Contrarily, it also resents the feeling of being dependent, and will try to avoid this.

In relationships, Capricorn’s love and care may be shown less openly and demonstratively, and is instead shown in more supportive and realistic ways. It is obliged to its friends and family, acquiring a reputation as trustworthy and reliable. Yes, guarded and careful, but its also patient. Capricorn can inspire and motivate others to achieve, but it is also likely to nag the lazy and put pressure on the less ambitious. In their need to take care of others, Capricorns tend to take on responsibilities that are extremely burdensome and then feel guilty when they cannot live up to them. To its circle of loved ones, this sign is very generous, preferring to sacrifice itself rather than to see them suffer. Like Scorpio, it is not happy to have its intimate life probed – so it has few close friends, and their loyalty has been investigated and proven over many years. This sign is also a habit-maker, and it is difficult to undo existing habit patterns.

How Capricorn’s primary motivations will manifest in a person’s life is dependent on the person’s overall chart, maturity and state of inner development. And, to remind the reader, we all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart and live out its nature somewhere in our lives.

Negatively, this sign can be too frugal, demanding and ruthless in its pursuit of material success, worshipping social status and perhaps ignoring people that are less productive or fortunate. Its practicality can make it stick too much to a routine, becoming unimaginative. As it is rarely satisfied with what it has and always needs to conquer more, if faced with not being able to achieve, this will affect its confidence and can lead to too much pessimism and anxiety.

In the end, many a mountain goat can be funny and have quite a sharp wit, revealing its profundity and deep spiritual understanding. Because Capricorn expects life to be difficult, it needs to climb that mountain. Any efforts spent will almost always result in long-term success, on the condition that its self-confidence is nurtured along the way and it does not let negativity and complaining take over. As with Scorpio, it is important for Capricorn to work on its higher potentials, as both signs have power and mastery over others. The ability to be prudent and careful with material resources, making them last and last longer; the awareness of other people’s material needs; and its natural trustworthiness and loyalty – these attributes are what can make Capricorn a great, self-sacrificing leader. Capricorn needs do as Sagittarius does, to develop trust in the universe – that there is a grand plan, and that it is faith, not only themselves, that can move mountains.

To find out about how much Capricorn you have in your chart and to unleash the transformative power that comes with self-knowledge, explore your birth chart in an astrological reading with Daliah, The Highgate Astrologer. For more information and to book a reading, please visit BOOKINGS at

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